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An Identity For Zamni Beni

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Before now the orphans in Zamni Beni, Haiti had no identity. Now because of a partnership between Operation Blessing and Zamne Lasante (Partners In Health) each child received a birth certificate and more importantly ...

Poverty Through A Child’s Eyes

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Follow 8-year-old Johnny as he gives a glimpse of his life in one of the poorest communities in Haiti—Medan Belize.    

Zanmi Beni Children’s Home Haiti

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Operation Blessing and Partners In Health opened Zanmi Beni Children's Home because of a dire need in Haiti to care for handicapped children who had been forgotten and ignored.

Operation Blessing Brings Christmas Joy To Children In Haiti

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The "elves" have been busy here at Operation Blessing planning a special Christmas surprise for the children and teachers at our new school in Medan Belize, Haiti! Only our staff was in on the surprise as we arrived t...

Operation Blessing On “La Bonne Novelle” In Haiti

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Operation Blessing Haiti's tilapia fish farms, ornamental fish project, and Lakay ZB Resto Plus restaurant are featured in this recent episode of the popular Haiti TV show, La Bonne Nouvelle.

OB Aquaculture Overview

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An overview of Operation Blessing's Aquaculture programs in Haiti. Operation Blessing is implementing an ornamental tropical fish hatchery and a tilapia hatchery. This hatchery consists of tanks with recirculation fil...

The Global Impact of Operation Blessing

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Everyday, Operation Blessing teams are working to alleviate suffering, save lives, help the poor, and bring hope to people all over the world. Take a look at the impact being made across the U.S. and worldwide thanks ...

Operation Blessing & Old Dominion University Develop iPad App to Fight Disease

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Operation Blessing International (OBI) and Old Dominion University (ODU) have partnered together in an initiative to develop an iPad App that allows medical staff to track the progress of patients they serve in impove...

Hurricane Sandy Rips Wall Off A Home

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Flash flooding from Hurricane Sandy rips through a house and devours concrete structures in Haiti, leaving a wake of devastation as it places the eastern United States in its sights.

Bringing Education To Haiti’s Poorest Children

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Haiti's hope for the future starts young.  For the children in Medan Belize, education is key to developing and improving their village, but there wasn't a school nearby.  Because they are some of the poorest children...

New Haitian Restaurant Sells Fresh Fish to Help A Children’s Home

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Lakay ZB Resto Plus is the latest project at the Operation Blessing-supported Zanmi Beni Children's Home in Haiti. The profits from the new venture are used to help support the more than 60 orphaned and abandoned chil...

Isaac Aftermath – Horrific Conditions in Haiti Camps

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Horrific conditions plague Haiti's tent camps after Isaac lashes Haiti with strong winds, heavy rain and flooding. Please make a donation to our Disaster Relief efforts:

Isaac Tears Apart Shelters In Haiti

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Operation Blessing teams on the ground in Port Au Prince witnessed the strength of Isaac's winds as the storm destroyed the tents that many Haitians still call home. See the video they captured before taking cover fo...

Warning Haitians To Prepare For Isaac

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Operation Blessing teams visited tent cities in Port-Au-Prince to warn them about Isaac's strengtening winds. Isaac threatens to strike Haiti as a Category 1 hurricane that would produce life-threatening flash floodi...

Operation Blessing Prepares For Hurricane Isaac To Hit Haiti

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As Isaac threatens to hit Haiti this Friday as a Category 1 hurricane, OBI teams are staging preparations in both Haiti and the U.S. to brace for the storm's impact. Our greatest concern right now is the storm's curre...

Announcing the Winner of the Operation Blessing iPad Giveaway

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Believe it or not, but iPads are a useful tool in our efforts to provide humanitarian relief around the world. They are used for data collection by our staff, live video chat conferences with Doctors around the world...

Ornamental Tropical Fish for Haiti

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Operation Blessing is jumpstarting an industry in Haiti by providing ornamental tropical fish. See how OBI is preparing to equip small business owners in the western hemisphere's poorest country.

Davidson’s New Mama

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Soon after this happy toddler was born, he was abandoned at Haiti's largest hospital. Davidson will never know his real mother, but in a way, Maria is a good substitute. Davidson is just one of the reasons that Opera...

Two Years Later, Remembering the Haiti Quake

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Exactly two years ago, a devastating earthquake ripped through the nation of Haiti—changing it forever. Today, we want to remember those who are still recovering and thank you for the significant impact you have made ...

Haitian Girl Receives Lifesaving Medical Care

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Seven-year-old Adianne of Haiti had been fighting a severe bone infection for most of her life. When the medical procedure she needed wasn't available in her country, Operation Blessing and a Virginia-based children's...

Free Wheelchairs For Haiti

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See how Operation Blessing's partnership with Free Wheelchair Mission is providing thousands of Haitians with wheelchairs capable of traversing Haiti's rugged terrain.

Surrounded By Death: Cholera in Haiti’s Waters –

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The villagers of Luben are reliant on the Artibonite river—it's their only hope for survival. But they were literally surrounded by death when cholera-contaminated waters flooded the rice fields surrounding their vill...

Hurricane Irene Preparations

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As Hurricane Irene grows in strength, thrashing Haiti and now threatening the eastern U.S., Operation Blessing's disaster relief team is ready to respond.

Aquacells To Bring Protein To Haitian Children

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Operation Blessing's new aquacells will provide fresh tilapia to the diets of Haiti's protein-starved children and a source of new jobs for the adult workers.

U.S. Army Partnership Brings Health to Haiti

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Partnering with the U.S. Army, Operation Blessing is aiding a medical clinic treating 30,000 Haitians in a single month, including minor surgeries, life-saving medications and hygiene education.

He Calls Me ‘Mama’

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At Zanmi Beni Children's Home in Haiti, Marie (24) and Davidson (2), have a special bond that could only be shared between a mother and son. Davidson was orphaned and now Marie cares for him in a place that has become...

Dorms Improve Lives Of Disabled Haitian Children

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Thanks to a new dormitory provided by Operation Blessing, a new standard of care has been set for Haitian children living with disabilities at Zanmi Beni Children's Home in Port-au-Prince.

Aquaponics Technology Eases Life For Disabled Haitian Childr

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New technological advances in aquaponics - growing fish and plants in an integrated system - provides a practical and sustainable food supply for the children of Zanmi Beni Children's Home.

Severn Trent And Operation Blessing Partner To Eradicate Cholera

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In partnership with Operation Blessing, Severn Trent Services donates hundreds of thousands of dollars in equipment to aid OBI's efforts to help stem cholera in Haiti as well as provide for ongoing water purification ...

The Hope That Remains: Remembering Haiti One Year Later

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One year later, Operation Blessing reflects back on the devastating Haiti earthquake, the relief efforts, and the hope and resilience of the Haitian people as they continue to journey toward recovery.

Hurricane Tomas – Flooding in Leogane

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Operation Blessing delivers clean water to families in Leogane, Haiti,where heavy flooding from Hurricane Tomas could raise the risk ofcholera.

OB Haiti – Preparing For Hurricane Tomas

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Operation Blessing Haiti is gearing up to respond to any emergencies caused by Hurricane Tomas

Waterlocked Village In Haiti Battles Cholera With Clean Wate

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The villagers of Luben were literally surrounded by cholera when the contaminated waters flooded the rice fields surrounding their village. Find out how Operation Blessing was able help this village turn the source of...

Cholera Strikes Haiti

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Operation Blessing responds to the deadly cholera epidemic in Haiti, installing water purification systems that can each provide up to 10,000 gallons of safe, clean drinking water for desperate families.

Cholera Update: “They’re Fighting For Their Lives”

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Families in the remote village of Jevieux, Haiti, get much-needed clean water thanks to a water purification system as well as Lifesaver jerrycans that can filter and purify cholera-contaminated water.

Cholera Strikes Haiti

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With more than 100 confirmed dead and thousands infected, Operation Blessing is responding to an outbreak of cholera in the Haitian town of St. Marc and providing families with desperately needed clean water.

Mosquito-eating Fish Head To Haiti

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Operation Blessing successfully used Gambusia fish in New Orleans, following Hurricane Katrina, to treat thousands of stagnant swimming pools that were harboring mosquito larvae and threatening an outbreak of West Nil...

Loads of Hope for Haiti

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A unique partnership between Operation Blessing and Tide is bringing "Loads of Hope" to Zanmi Beni children's home and the largest hospital in Haiti.

TOMS Shoes For Children in Haiti

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The living conditions in the Haitian camps that sprung up around Port Au Prince as a result of the quake are appalling and children need to protect their feet. Operation Blessing is teaming up with Partners In Health ...

Desir’s Song For Haiti

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In remembrance of the 6-month anniversary of the Haiti quake, we honor those whose lives were lost and those who now remain. The music is an original song written and performed by 29-year-old Desir, a Haitian survivor...

Personal Quake Experience of OBI’s Haiti Programs Manager

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See and hear what OBI's Haiti Programs Manager, Eric Lotz, experienced firsthand and how the heart of a humanitarian worker springs into action. To learn about Operation Blessing's work in Haiti before and after the ...

Bringing Mobility To Haiti Quake Survivors

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Find out how a simple plastic chair and a set of mountain bike tires is quickly becoming a miracle chair for Haiti's quake survivors.

Summer Grill Recipe: Haitian-style Tilapia

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Get your summer started with a special tilapia recipe from our friend and fisherman, Prophet, who lives on the shores of Haiti's Lake Azuei, and is now earning a successful living thanks to Operation Blessing's fishin...

A Colorful Idea

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In partnership with Operation Blessing, Dr. Hanson, Jean Vinson, and illustrator Dawn Stephens develop a fun and innovative coloring book to help teach Haitian children about good hygiene and how to prevent parasites.

Lifesaving Relief

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Operation Blessing and LifeSaver have teamed up to bring safe, clean drinking water to communities in Haiti.

Joblessness in Haiti

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Amid the heartbreak and dire conditions in Haiti, unemployment has become a serious problem. So Operation Blessing is working to offer a solution that will meet the needs of some desperate Haitians.

This School Will Change Lives:

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In the heart of a tent city in Port-au-Prince, OBI opens one of the first schools in post-quake Haiti, bringing laughter and hope to hundreds of children.

Tent City Gets Clean Water

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Operation Blessing installs a water purification system to provide thousands of gallons of clean water every day for Haiti's displaced families living in a tent city.

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